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History Template

March 30, 2023


Here you can enter the case history.  

You can include images in your lesson by inserting a link and entering the URL of the image from the Media Library (left hand menu). 

You will see the library of all images on this WordPress site.  Case images are organized into folders, one per case.

First, create a new folder for your new case.  This should be named based on the case title.  For example:  8-year-old-boy-with-discolored-teeth . Be sure to substitute dashes for all spaces.  Note that you can find this field on the main case page, in the “slug” box.

Create the folder using the red “New Folder” button at the top of the page, then select it.  No images should appear since the folder is empty.

Now upload your files into the new folder.

You can drag and drop files from your computer or click “Select Files” and browse to them.  Add all the images you plan on using for your case. 

You can also click the “Text” tab on the right to switch to HTML view where you can see and edit the raw HTML for your lesson text. 

Don’t forget to set your “featured image,” categories, and author in the right hand menus. 

*Be sure to remove the word “Template” from the title box